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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

More Entangled Quantums

Seems everyone is into Quantum entanglement these days =) This is from ScienceDaily...

University of Toronto physicists have developed a way to entangle photons which could ultimately lead to an extremely precise new measurement system.

Their findings could ultimately prove useful in developing ways to measure gravitational waves or the energy structure of atoms, and could also help in the development of "quantum computers." (Quantum computers work according to the principles of quantum mechanics, which describes atoms, photons, and other microscopic objects.)

Previous studies have theorized that quantum computers using entangled photons could perform calculations far more quickly than current computers. "We know that today's computers are approaching limits of size and speed," says lead author and post-doctoral fellow Morgan Mitchell. "Quantum computing offers a possible way to move beyond that. Our research borrows some tricks from quantum computing and applies them to precision measurement."

Hmmm ... Would the experimental rig they have the Photons run around on be a Holodeck? ... and if you thought that was so bad a joke you had to say something, you'll notice I now have a comments facility for feedback.


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