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Monday, May 17, 2004

Transporter or Replicator?

In what is billed as a true multinational effort, a collaboration between the University of Calgary, and the Australian National University (ANU) Quantum Optics Group have scored a new world first for the rarefied field of quantum physics by teleporting a laser to three recipients. This follows the major breakthrough two years ago when members of the Australian National University (ANU) Quantum Optics Group demonstrated teleportation of a laser beam between two points.

However the information is only recoverable if any two of the recipients collaborate, in what's called quantum secret sharing. Group leader Dr Ping Koy Lam said it would be expected that each of three recipients would gain one third of the information. But in quantum physics, that's not what happens. Rather, each has nothing. But by combining their efforts - in this case their laser beams - any two can recover all the information.

"That's the magic of it," he said. "If any two get together, you get back 100 per cent of the information."

Hmmm ...Does this mean that if I feed McCoy into one end I can get 100% of him from two stations? =) Just joking! This only works with Lasers and it is not expected to be able to be used for solid objects.


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