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Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Canadian Arrow Road Show!

In the same X Prize newsletter (April 2004) we got the latest on Canadian Arrow ...

In coordination with the X PRIZE Presenting Sponsor, Champ Car World Series, X PRIZE participated in the Champ Car Long Beach Grand Prix. An estimated 75,000 viewers had a chance to appreciate the size and design features of the 54' long Canadian Arrow full-scale mockup as it was on display in Long Beach last weekend during Champ Car's Grand Prix Race event. Race-goers and exhibitors alike were both inquisitive and complimentary of the X PRIZE/ Canadian Arrow presentation, and volunteers from both the Team and the XP Foundation were on hand to answer questions and promote the X PRIZE Space Race.
Lori Sheerin and Lou van Amelsvoort, of Canadian Arrow, drove over 3000km with their rocket ship in tow, generating comments and gawks along the way. US Customs good-naturedly insisted on processing the rocket through their "WMD Screening" upon crossing the US border. The Canadian Arrow later turned heads parading up and down the "Strip" in Las Vegas, after which they were shown on one of the local morning TV shows.

I particularly liked the photo at the bottom of the page that showed the Canadian Arrow mock-up parked in front of a petrol bowser. Just imagine the driveway attendants expression if you asked him to check the oil and water as well!

After successfully testing its 57,000-pound thrust engine, the Canadian Arrow team is now developing the equipment needed for landing its X PRIZE vehicle. "We are now working on our recovery equipment since the main engine is finished and operating," said team leader Geoff Sheerin to journalist Leonard David of "We just performed some successful drop tests of the crew cabin to measure water impact deceleration."

Elsewhere on the Web I note from the Brampton Guardian that Canadian Arrow, ...will be on display tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at St. Marguerite d'Youville church on Sandalwood Parkway E.
Hmmm .. Brampton ... why does that ring a bell?

Dave - have you thought of inviting Arrow to one of your charity events? =)


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