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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Canadian Arrow announces test launch plans

The Canadian Arrow team is making plans - first reported in the London Free Press for the first test flights of its rocket this summer.

"We're planning unmanned flights over a four-month period, beginning in August," said Geoff Sheerin, Arrow team leader.

The Arrow team is completing arrangements for tests at an Ontario location, he said ... The tests will include high-altitude flights, trials of a launch pad abort system, separation of the nose cone from the crew cabin, deployment of parachutes for recovery of the nose cone and crew cabin, and evaluation of aerodynamics to ensure the craft can maintain a correct flight path and altitude.

Arrow uses a splashdown recovery system, so the nose cone and cabin crew may have to be dropped in warmer waters off the eastern coast of the U.S. if the manned flight occurs in cold weather, Sheerin said.

"I'm sure Canadians would understand if we have to do that to beat the deadline and win the race," he said.

That last sentence sounds awfully like Sheerin saying that if he doesn't get the support he needs he will take the project elsewhere - remember he has to look for new premises anyway.


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