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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Canadian Arrow is still in the race

Unlike da Vinci, Canadian Arrow has not been lucky enough yet to acquire a major sponsor. According to the London Free Press, Geoff Sheerin, head of the London-based Canadian Arrow , said ...

"... while Toronto's da Vinci Project may be among the first rockets to the launching pad, that doesn't mean it will win. If you look in the history books, all aviation races had some really well-funded groups ahead of the ultimate winners, You can be the fastest to the finish line and still trip and fall."

... the report states that four months of unmanned test flights will start within the next two weeks at an as yet undisclosed location off one of the Great Lakes, although Sheerin is on record as saying that the plan is for their competitive flights to launch from a barge in Lake Huron, near Sarnia. However unless they get local funding, Canadian Arrow might not be in London at that time.

"The London-area response to the project has not been as high as expected, The wealth is here, it's just not really waking up,' Sheerin said. The Fanshawe Park Road East site where the Canadian Arrow team is based has been sold to Hudson Boat Works, which will take over the site in September.

"Unfortunately for London it may mean they lose their space program, which in the long run is a serious blow. Unless someone steps up to take on the bulk of sponsorship, the Canadian Arrow team may find a new home in Windsor, Barrie or Sarnia." he said.


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