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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Entrepreneurs in space!

Online casino, which came to the rescue of da Vinci obviously sees the Ansari X Prize attempt as a way of expanding it's flamboyant on-line style into space! They are reported to be planning to send the infamous Beckham penalty outrage ball into space!

The ball David Beckham infamously booted over the bar during England's crucial Euro 2004 shoot-out with Portugal is supposedly going into space - for real.

Online casino, which bought the ball for 28,050 Euros (18,500 UK pounds) in an online auction last month, has announced plans to store the sporting relic onboard a Canadian spacecraft entry in the $10m X-prize race. is sponsoring the da Vinci Project's Wild Fire, which is due to blast off from the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan on 2 October, taking Beckham's ball with it.


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