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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Better luck next year, Arrow and da Vinci!

*sigh* Looks like Feeney has thrown in the towel for this year at least! According to CBC ...
Brian Feeney, the pilot of the da Vinci Project, said some of the support people involved in the project are tied up because of Christmas holidays. The Toronto-based team plans to continuing tests at an old quarry in southern Ontario. Test flights are now set to begin in the Prairie town in January.
One can't help but think that perhaps with the imperative gone - of getting at least one shot in before SpaceShipOne took out the X Prize - Feeney has decided to take more time over his preperations.

He has to realise though that a lack of results is going to loose him whatever credibility he ever had. With the X Prize finished I don't see how he can rationalise continuing the veil of secrecy that he has always had thrown over the da Vinci project.

With their re-location from London, ON, still up in the air, Canadian Arrow - our other X prize entrant - might also be contemplating their future. Geoff Sheerin in the past has made veiled hints that he will have to move to Windsor, Barrie or Sarnia. I wonder how rules 7 & 8 of the new "America’s Space Prize" will affect that decision?
7) The contestant must be domiciled in the United States of America.
8) The contestant must have its principal place of business in the United States of America.
Could he be lured away from Canada altogether?


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